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About Us

About Us


            Our company was founded by Ahmet Özpaçacı with the name of “Sağlam Torna” in 1970 and has been incorporated by his sons Adnan and Sabit Özpaçacı as a Limited Company with the name of “Zaman Makina Ltd.” in 1997. Zaman Makina produces all kinds of parts to meet the requirements of improving industry especially for automotive and machinery segments but also for variety of other segments of industry as well.    


ZAVA Valves
They are energy efficient products with high performance and control capability.

% 100 Local and National
Every and each part of ZAVA valves are manufactured using local and national materials and capabilities.


We Started Working With Sarmak Compressor

            One of Turkey's leading compressor factory "Sarmak Compressor", and  Turkey's one of the best manufacturer of va

Our New Web Page Has Been Started.

Zava Valves's website was put into service.